“To work magic is to weave the unseen forces into form; to soar beyond sight; to explore the uncharted dream realm of the hidden reality.”


Fire- Full Package

This package offers the best value (savings of $127!) and is a combination of all my services listed below. The Fire package is for those looking for profound changes in their lives.  This includes a 1 hour initial consultation followed by a 3-6 hour session (or divided into two visits) where I perform all rituals and share the written report. 

  • Feng Shui & Dowsing reading of your location, exterior, and interior space.

  • Suggestions for problematic areas for good Feng Shui and magical living.

  • Rituals to uplift, cleanse & balance the energy provided on site. 

  • One personal healing session.

  • Negative energy form clearing.

  • Cure items are not included in the price but provided on site.
  • Full written report.

Earth- Negative Energy Form Clearing $324

Space clearings are especially useful for homes that have had predecessor negative energy (suicides, murders, divorces, abusive situations, death etc.) Often our beloved Dead stick around or we may even be experiencing Daemonic presences which can also cause disorder in our lives. The dead do not belong in the world of the living, and as a Psychopomp, I assist any spirits that need to cross over while in a trance state. I also Dowse for all negative lines from the earth, interference lines, and check the EMF/EMR of your space. This service includes a 1 hour initial consultation followed by a 2-3 hour session where I perform all rituals, cures, and share the written report.

  • Investigate and determine all negative energy forms within your sacred space.

  • Rituals to release all negative energy forms, karma, and any earthbound spirits in need of rest to create a lightness.

  • Dowsing report for all negative vibrational lines from the earth. Cure items are not included in the price but are provided on site.
  • Suggestions for maintaining a protective environment to avoid attracting and generating negative energy forms.

Metal- Magical Living

For those looking to create change or manifest new opportunities. Learn to create a magical sacred space with symbolic power that enhances the Feng Shui to experience your desires. With the use of Feng Shui, the 5 elements, shape, and colour we create a magical sacred space that supports your energy and dreams. A space that reflects and reveals your inner self. This service includes a 1 hour consultation followed by a 1 hour conversation where the written report for magical living is shared.

  • Focuses on 3 life areas you wish to enhance or change.

  • Balance the the Yin & Yang of your home to create a more personal and supportive living space for you and your family.

  • Written report with magical living suggestions.

Wood- Chi Adjustment / House Blessing

There are many reasons to have this enriching ceremony frequently performed. Perhaps you are moving into a new home, welcoming a new family member, in need of an immediate shift in uplifting energy, having difficulty selling a home, or wanting to create a lightness in your sacred space or business. This service is 1 hour. 

  • A BTB Feng Shui ritual provided on site that drastically uplifts the energy of your sacred space and land.
  • If you practice a specific denomination we can work components of it into the ritual upon request.

Water- Healing

While in a trance state I remove the energetic components of illness from the etheric body. I share my understanding of the etheric body and offer suggestions on how to protect yourself from negative energy. This service is 2 hours.

  • Locate then remove hexes and illness from the body.

  • Remove all non- beneficial energetic cords.
  • Repair and locate holes in the etheric body.

  • Add specific energetic light frequencies that your unique body desires for healing.

  • Suggestions on herbal tinctures to aid in healing and influence your specific life desires. Package includes 1 tincture.

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