GROW with positive intention…. Wood

Nourishing Our Growth

Most of us have a deep nagging desire to continue to grow in our lives. We want to advance or improve our relationships, reputations, careers, and skill base. Using the upward nature of Wood can help to spring us into action when paired with positive intention. When we plant our truest seeds of desire and carefully nourish them, we can experience enhancements in those specific life areas. Our homes are reflective of 9 different life-areas and when we become aware of the significance and meaning of each space we can then begin to choose how to grow. We don’t want to be like the leaf blowing in the wind, we want to be creators, directors, and positive influencers in our own lives.

Growing with Positive Intention

The person who grows with positive intention is radiating with Yang energy. They have a vitality about them that is contagious, and they are always willing to help others who are also on their optimal life paths. This person can easily recognize when they are being too rigid on something and comfortably shift into a more flexible way of relating to others. They are often logical with a sense of compromise while keeping focused on their goals. When Wood is in balance this person knows that they are responsible for the life they have and they have the power to shift it at any moment.

Can Anyone Grow with Positive Intention?

Growth and change are never easy, especially when we are avoiding our inner personal development. To grow with positive intention, we must address our thinking patterns first. It may sound obvious and super repetitive, but it is truly fundamental in shifting the way we see ourselves, our lives, others, and challenges. Once we address our negative thinking, speaking, and habits (without judgment) we can then begin to create a new way of relating and re-pattern ourselves in a positive way. Acknowledge, forgive, and let go to grow.

Attachment to Old Ways

You may notice an attachment to old ways of being because it’s comfortable and familiar. One may have poor boundaries with others and feel like they are giving too much of their vital energy. We may keep doing something even though we want a different result which can feel frustrating and defeating. A great tool to help break the inner saboteur is to check out the Law of Attraction. Take a simple inventory check on yourself by noticing how often you use the words ‘Don’t, ‘No’, and ‘Not’. For example, when you make a statement using one of these words you are giving attention and energy to what you don’t want, instead try asking yourself, “So what do I want?”. We want to actively shift our attention to positive statements to make sure that they are the dominating influences of the mind.

For example:

  • Don’t slam the door vs. Please close the door quietly
  • I’m not available then vs. Here are my available times

The Qualities of Wood

After a long winter’s nap, the world awakens and it is spring where a new growing cycle begins. This season is represented by Wood. It really starts to feel like spring when the sun shines longer, new seeds are planted (literally and figuratively), buds burst from the branches, tulips start to sprout and blossom, and we see the return of our dearly missed feathered friends! The energy of wood is Yang, upward rising, new beginnings with generative Yang energy and its time of day is the morning. The element of Water nourishes and feeds Wood, it’s controlled by Metal, and feeds Fire. Its energetic quality is always growing upward, it can be flexible or rigid depending on its support and influence from the other elements.

Living with Intention

You will begin to intentionally choose the life you want. Change is for certain, and you will begin to feel truly fulfilled because the thoughts, actions, and your way of being align with your desires. Every aspect of your life will interest you, from your relationships, career, and sacred space. You will be consciously connected to your core values and fearless when shifting towards new goals.

How We Apply the Element of Wood

We use the element of Wood by flushing out what your inner most desires are and by offering tools of guidance for self-discovery.

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