CREATE Ample Opportunities… Metal

Creative Manifesting

To have ample opportunities means that we are utilizing our creative manifesting power. We are inwardly deeply conscious about what are desires are and capable of creating. When Metal is in balance, we improve upon our communication with others, can provide energetic support to children to encourage individual empowerment. Using our intent, focus, and manifesting powers to move forward with projects in an innovative way. Metal contracts inviting us to be flexible and adaptable within our imagination. We can reflect on what practices worked for us in the past and employ them for our current opportunities while being mailable to new situations. Metal is created by earth, controlled by fire, and creates water.

Living in Abundance

A person’s life looks like they are abundant with opportunity when they are involved or create activities which align with their dreams and drive them forward in a unique way which speaks to them. They easily communicate their dreams and consistently bring forth the ideas into a tangible reality.

Is Ample Opportunity Available for Everyone?

Yes, and one must first be grounded and connected to earth to know what is their inner most desire. Once there is inner wisdom Metal can help influence us in a creative way to manifest the dreams. We can develop a personal practice that we use when manifesting and trust in its effectiveness… the key is to never get attached to the results as we will all fail in life. The successful personal practice of manifestation will get stronger, and the results will eventually become more consistent. Then we can begin to easily trust ourselves and our manifesting power.

Experiencing Limitation

You will start to notice that your communication may be limited and poor when expressing your dreams to potential helpful people. Not knowing one’s dreams will stunt the progress of being able to manifest the right people and opportunities into life. Having difficult in being clear with communication may dissolve any new or creative ideas you may have had. Having too much metal can also overwhelm the fire element making it difficult for expansion.

The Qualities of Metal

Metal is less Yin than earth or water, focusing our energies inward for conservation and manifesting powers. Metal is represented by the fall with conserving the harvest while death is upon us. It’s a creative time to reflect on what we have gained and how to creatively expand what we do have. The energetic high time for Metal is in the evening. Metal is adaptable which speaks to one’s ability to creatively pivot while working towards a goal.

The Element of Personal Manifestation

The power of personal manifestation is what demonstrates our ability to clearly express our desires to others. Therefore, the universe will hear our intentions and if we have an open hear and mind helpful people, new opportunities will soon be knocking at our door. You imagination and connection to the realm of possibility will be strengthened.

How We Apply the Element of Metal

Using the element of Metal, we can begin to address and strengthen our ability to communicate our desires clearly. We can begin to look at situations creatively by focusing on the solutions which address the blocks which are holding us back from success. A problem without a solution is simply a situation, if we desire to get out of a particular situation and change our circumstances, we must turn it into a problem that involves a logical pro-active solution. Then, we can begin to increase opportunities through our unique manifesting power.

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