Meet Courtney


I was born with a distinct awareness of the subtle universal energies weaving the spirit of animate and inanimate forms into one great consciousness. While I believe that everyone is born with this sense of connection to all things, for many it is diminished under the influence of the material world. Over time, my sensitivity remained, even increased. In moments of expansion, experiencing the vastness of the universe, I was humbled by its awesome power. I am moved to the depth of my being by the sense of indescribable love that permeates the seen and unseen, ever urging us to let go of strife, to surrender into our natural state of peace and joy. I have always known that I am an instrument of that love. My purpose in this life is to restore balance and harmony.

In life, the movement of chaos to harmony and vice versa is part of the natural order. It is as natural as the flow of the tides and changing of the seasons. We only experience the destructive side of things when we resist the natural flow of the cycle. In this resistance, we allow harmful or negative influences to enter our lives and living spaces. The ancient “Wise Ones” used traditional wisdom to soothe our resistance, guiding us back into the natural flow. As a contemporary “Wise Woman” it is my duty to blend the ancient traditions with my feminine values to tackle modern problems.

My Core Values

  • Respect for the global consciousness
  • Connecting deeply with humanity, the earth and nature
  • Cultivating family and community through inclusion, vulnerability, and collaboration
  • Recognition of the life force in everything animate and inanimate
  • Nurturing with compassion and empathy for all beings
  • Sensitivity to the influence of energy
  • Passion for communication and creative solutions
  • Creating a supportive environment where one can flourish mind, body and spirit

BTB Feng Shui

My studies were in Calgary, Alberta through the Sacred Lotus School of BTB Feng Shui and I graduated in 2016.

My two main mentors were Mia Staysko and Janelle Harrisborm who are directly connected to the founder of BTB Feng Shui, H. H. Professor Lin Yun Rinpoche.

It is an honour to be a part of this lineage.

Influencing the Feng Shui in our homes is a similar art to the practice of Yoga and influencing our energy in our bodies.


Diamond Dowsing

Continuing my education and work with energy I studied advanced techniques in Diamond Dowsing with Janelle Harrisborm.   

Dowsing has given me in-depth experience dealing with negative earth energies, spirits, negative energy forms, EMF/EMR and interference lines.  My work as a psychopomp where I assist spirits to move on, is enhanced by this divination technique. 



I have also completed 135 hours of training in Yoga Theory with in-depth studies in the areas of the Chakra System, Anatomy and Physiology, Yoga Philosophy, Asana, Pranayama, and meditation.

The study of Yoga offered me more perspective to look at the practice of Feng Shui as a whole. I believe our homes are reflections of our inner selves, and in this sense if we positively influence the energy in our home, we also invite change into our lives on a deep cellular level.

Spiritual Path

Something I feel important to share as it greatly enriches my work, is that I follow a specific spiritual path that keeps me connected to a higher source, the liminal space, and the sacred elemental world in which we live.

My formal training in this path comes from a variety of popular paths of tradition with a long, beautiful lineage of powerful and world renowned-respected humans in Pagan communities.

This in person training is ongoing and has had a positively profound transformation on my life, it has given me more tools and understanding to help people in their healing journey’s as well to create comfort, happiness and optimize life in their sacred environments.

Share your Story

I look forward to connecting with you, and exploring how I can assist you on your unique journey of life.

Contact me today to see how I can create positive influence in your life and let’s make shift happen!


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