IGNITE Your Passions… Fire

Living with Passion

To maximize expansion in life, to take action consistently towards one’s goals and desires with intensity. To live an ignited life of passion we learn to concentrate our energies through our actions, thoughts, emotions, and spiritual connections. Willpower fuels our desire to take a chance or risk something in the spirit of creating change. Manifesting, determination, activity, and consistent interest in one’s hobbies, career, relationships, goals. The element of fire sparks results. Fire is fed by wood, controlled by water, and creates earth.

The Process of Self-Evolution

A person living with passion person is continually on a path of self-evolution and personal growth which often is reflected in the success of their business or career, relationships, and has an enthusiasm for life and new experiences. The person is always trying new things, taking courses, meeting new people, and values the work it takes to maintain a balanced and organized home.

Is Passion Possible for Everyone?

YES, and the first step is determining what you are passionate about. What is worth showing up for, what brings you joy. The individual must truly be passionate about something to the point where a life without this interest isn’t worth living. Where the need for immersion in the field of interest is what drives them to create a daily practice, routine, or commitment where they can trust in the process of the doing to become more intertwined in the depth of their passion. Requires emotional and physical strength, mental tenacity, and a sense of a spiritual connection. Living a life of passion is a conscious choice that requires consistent daily practice.

Loss of Your Inner Fire

When our inner fire is burned out, weak, or dampened the person tends to have their innermost shadows hidden from themselves. They tend to be on the lazy side and often dissociate, numb out with hours of Netflix, substance abuse, over-indulge. You may even be aware of what your inner passion is but that would mean to begin to shine the light on the traumas and examine them with a critical eye focused on finding healing, solutions, developing a deeper connection to self. This all requires confidence and the willingness to fail but try again, and again until we are successful.

The Qualities of Fire

The energetic quality of fire is explosive, hot, bright, and clear. This is our vital energy in which gives our lives purpose. The element of fire illuminates what we most yearn for to experience a fulfilling happy life. Fire is the most Yang of the 5 Eastern elements which radiates outward, presents peaks of energy, expansion and growth, blooming at it’s energetic peak at high noon. Represents summer.

The Element of Change

You will start to see, experience, and live in the results of your determination, tenacity, and enthusiasm for life itself. Transformation is right around the corner if you will it to be, so careful where you focus your intent. What we think we say, what we say we believe, what we believe becomes our actions.

How We Apply the Element of Fire

By addressing its influence in your home and bringing it into balance we use this element to create radical change in your life.

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