FLOW into conscious life paths…. Water

Flowing with Consciousness

Flowing into conscious life paths means that we have been doing our inner work and connecting to our truest desires. That we have discovered what our passions are and how we can offer value to the word through these authentic self acknowledgments. The element of Water most strongly represents wealth, career, and our life path. Big life decisions are always carefully considered where the choices are based on a strong connection to one’s core values and desires, therefore giving the person the chance for the best possible outcome.

Accepting Greatness

Flowing into conscious life paths means not resisting the greatness being offered to us and being in a state of gratitude on our unique winding journey through life. We want to be in a flow of pleasure to attract more energy that uplifts us and supports us in our careers and lives. In the last season, winter is represented by Water, which is a time of dormancy, rest, and energetic conservation. The element of Water is very dynamic as it may be frozen and unmoving but beneath the ice, there is still a small steady stream. Winter is the most Yin season, the self-aware person knows that a wealth of potential lies waiting for the rebirth of spring after taking the time to rest and recharge.

Life in Flow

We choose to accept positive new opportunities in our careers based on our innermost desires. We are grateful for the abundance in our lives and know that wealth comes in all forms. We show the universe that we appreciate the prosperity that is being rewarded to us so as to consistently be attracting fresh positive energy. When we are consciously on our life path, we seem to always be making progress in some form, perhaps with consistent promotions, winning contests, being offered collaborative opportunities, or even deepening connections with our colleagues. When we can graciously ask, receive, and give back, the universal energy systems inevitably reward us with more!

Can Anyone Flow into Conscious Life Paths?

Yes, the self-aware person is deeply connected to their core values, is dedicated to personal growth, and knows what they want from this life. The person who flows with Water understands that there will be times of stillness, irregular waves, and calm tides. The power is in surrendering to the frequency of the element and to trust that things will unfold when the timing is right. We cannot control the speed of change in all our life areas, but we can influence things in a positive direction using the powerful tools of Feng Shui and working with the synchronicity of the 5 elements.

What Happens When We Cannot Flow into Conscious Life Paths?

There may be an avoidance of necessary deep inner work and resistance to change, which may cause confusion on what direction to take towards life. There could be themes of feeling consistently lethargic, frozen or drowning in one’s life. There may be too much Earth element in one’s space that absorbs, muddies, and can pollute the natural flow of progression, therefore harming the career.

The Qualities of Water

Water is one of the most important elements as life cannot exist without it. Water is fed by metal, controlled by earth, and feeds wood. Symbolically this means to be successful in our career we must spend time getting to know ourselves, our passions, and desires. This way we can narrow our focus to what we want to build upon and gain more knowledge, skills, and techniques that will advance our careers.

The qualities of Water help to attract more money, people that can help you grow in your career, calm the mind to see things more clearly as you go into your personal depth. Water is dynamic, it can be still, moving, or dormant, and is the most Yin often representative of death. Its season is the winter and energetically in power during the late hours of the night. Water in balance also helps to improve our communication skills, which in business and life, is a vital skill to master.

The Benefits of Flow

When in balance your relationships will deepen by learning how to effectively communicate your desires, needs, and dreams. You will be consciously aware of the abundance that you have attracted to in your life and as you learn to show appreciation to the universe for its gifts, more and more prosperity will come your way. There will be a strong sense of calm emotions when under pressure, chaos, or challenging situations. The natural state of flow is surrendered to even when you feel out of control. You will become aware that where our energy flows is where intention goes and that we can use this to our advantage in creating a fulfilling life and career.

How We Apply the Element of Water

We invite intentional Water energy into our living space to promote wealth in all its many forms. We get crystal clear on our true life’s desires to take conscious action steps towards fulfilling what we want. We observe if there are any elemental blockages causing a disruption to the natural flow and remove them to open a world of possibility and success.

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