Activate the 5 Elements


Welcome to Sanctuary Consulting!

At Sanctuary Consulting we combine the arts of BTB Feng Shui and Diamond Dowsing to create energetic shifts in peoples lives and sacred environments.

By activating the 5 Eastern Elements in your sacred space, among other techniques, we are able to:

“For your soul to feel balanced and happy it is essential to find a place on the planet where you truly feel at home.”


Our Consultation Process

1. Connection Call

During our first call, we review the information you provided on your intake form, diving deeper into the challenges you are facing. 

2. Initial Consultation

We proceed with a Consultation of your choice, where I analyze your space and provide a report with suggestions and cures for the issues that were revealed.

3. Feng Shui

I offer assistance to work on all known Feng Shui issues, living space enhancements and design details to create a supportive environment for yourself and family.

4. Diamond Dowsing

Perhaps you are living in a space that has negative energy from the past and would like to have it released so you may feel at peace in your home.

Often our beloved Dead stick around or we may even experience Daemonic presences, all of which can cause disorder in our lives.

By using the Diamond Dowsing technique I can accurately cure, clear, and refresh these issues along with negative lines from the earth, interference lines, and check the EMF/EMR of your space.

5 Transformative Packages

Fire – Full Package

Earth – Negative Energy Form Clearing

Metal – Magical Living

Wood – Chi Adjustment / House Blessing

Water – Healing

Release Negative Energy

So, what is negative energy anyway?

Negative energy influences our lives by taking us off of our optimal life path while causing chaos and stress in our environments and bodies.

It can cause sadness, anxiety, anger, disconnection, addiction, healing & spiritual growth issues, intimacy, deep connection, relationship problems, technology interference, physical & mental dis-ease, and interrupted sleep patterns.

Negative energy effects everyone around you, within your space, your pets and even your plants!

I help people through the technique of Diamond Dowsing to detect specific negative energy forms in their space. Then, I accurately clear it away in their space and body. Afterwards, I work to enhance the BTB Feng Shui in your space which energizes, brings balance, harmony and inspiration into your life.

These two ancient arts compliment each other to help create a nourishing home environment — or as I like to call it, our Sanctuary.

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