GROUND You in Your Space… Earth

Being Present and Grounded

To feel stable in ones life, present, ripening in transformation by assimilating knowledge one has learned. When we are grounded life tends to slow down and we notice a savoring in the moments. Earth is where we build from figuratively and literally. It reflects wisdom and knowledge of one’s self and environments.

Knowing what negatively elevates us, beliefs, habits, basis, help us live in a present reality and thus finding a foundation on which we can truly know ourselves. Earth is strong and sturdy. We are fully aware of how our work environments impacts us and our home environments, the knowing is what gives us a base to create our own personal journey from for applied knowledge. There is an age old ‘saying’ that goes…knowledge is power… but actually only applied knowledge is power, it’s when we apply this that it actually becomes wisdom through our actions and words we break through old behavioural patterns and begin the journey from an authentic place.

We must know ourselves first, or at least have a confident idea of our core values before attempting to create huge life changes that can truly positively influence. Someone who is grounded is clear on their dreams. They are not afraid of diving into their shadow work and welcome the challenges that will reveal their true nature which is grounded in unconditional love for the self, the Earth, and all sentient beings in this realm and the next. Earth is fed by fire, controlled by wood, and creates metal.

Self-Care is Balance

They think in a critical way and don’t blindly accept all information that gets presented. They consider all sides of a situation in a liminal way to avoid attaching themselves to biases. When they are presented with new information that has been carefully considered they replace their old beliefs without judgment. Someone is grounded when they put self-care as the top priority because they know the importance of this. We must first nurture ourselves before we can effectively positively influence others. Is self-care selfish? Yes! That is the point.

Is Being Grounded Possible for Everyone?

Anyone can be grounded, and it takes self knowledge to know what we need for ourselves to slow down, what your unique form of self care is, what the best way is for one to create space. Being a high energy person who is challenged with the art of relaxing has learned for myself that when I need to bring more Yin energy into my life or spend time in a reflective state I turn to spending time in my garden and working with the plant and land spirits, hiking in the deep mountains, being active in my spiritual practices, or relaxing by the river’s in my area. I know that these activities can turn on my reflective nature and help me slow down. We must value and know that giving ourselves space and time to recharge is a necessary process of the cycle of energy.

The Loss of Connection

We live in a world where we can easily find a quick answer to any question on Google, shortcuts are easily found, and others keenly insert their dogma, agendas, or own biases on us. When we aren’t grounded, we may be vulnerable to external influences that may not have our best interests in mind that align with our core values. We might feel always burnt out because we are not listening to our minds’ and bodies’ requests to take the rest we need to recharge. We may struggle with personal boundaries in professional or intimate relationships. Life may feel like it’s moving too quickly and in a chaotic way. These are all signals for us to slow down and connect to the earth and our true nature.

The Qualities of Earth

Earth is strong, sturdy, stable thoughtful, knowledge-based, slow-moving Yin energy, a place where we are curious to learn, slow down and assimilate the lessons and challenges we have been faced with so we may become better skilled when in similar future situations. Yin energy is represented as the harvest between seasons, high elemental time is the afternoon.

The Element of Knowing

You will start to see, experience, and live in the results of your determination, tenacity, and enthusiasm for life itself. Transformation is right around the corner if you will it to be, so careful where you focus your intent. What we think we say, what we say we believe, what we believe becomes our actions.

How We Apply the Element of Earth

Earth inspires self reflection, intention, and goal orientated cures. Remedies, or rituals for various Feng Shui issues.

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