Flower Essences

Self-Love Potion


By combining the potent personalities of Sweet Pea, Hydrangea, and Alyssum this tincture helps us find the beauty in ourselves. It encourages us to see our fullest potential, release negative patterns, and calm a hyperactive mind. This combination of flower essences promotes self-love, abundance, and gratitude for all the spectrum of emotions. We feel grounded, free, and compassionate about our inner truth.

Dosage: 5-10 Drops per day.

What is a flower Essence?

Essences are also referred to as a vibrational remedy, as they can be also made by different gemstones. Flower essences hold the energetic imprint or as I like to call it the personality of the flower. They are preserved with a small amount of brandy. Essences can help positively influence new ways of being and perceiving in our lives. They interact with our subtle energy systems on a deep cellular level. They encourage the awakening of our divine self and can assist with letting go of energies that are not serving us. Essences gently invite healing and transformation into our lives.

My current flower essences were extracted with natural spring water from Canmore under the sun of the Autumn Equinox, and charged under the waxing Moon in Sagittarius, 2020. All flowers are from my garden and have been tended to with love all summer.

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