Herbal Tinctures

Rose of Jericho


The Rose of Jericho (Selaginella lepidophylla) is a tumbleweed as well as a resurrection plant but is also has many nicknames including flower of stone, false rose of Jericho, resurrection moss, dinosaur plant, siempre viva, stone flower, and doradilla. The real Rose of Jericho is Anastatica, named by John Gerard in the 16th century found in the Middle East, Africa, Palestine, and Egypt. The plant we are talking about today is found in the Americas, in arid climates discovered by the Spanish missionaries.

There are many magical properties associated with the rare magical botanical that make it one of my favorites to work with. This plant is a perfect representation for use in renewing, love, protective, and wealth rituals. The water is said to have mystical qualities and can be sprinkled about the house to erase negative influences whiles bringing joy, harmony, and prosperity. Another idea is to carry dry clippings on your person to absorb negative energy. Many families will carefully keep the everlasting plant, passing it from generation to generation as a cherished item as it can live for centuries.


The dry Rose of Jericho should not be submerged under water. Instead, place your Rose of Jericho in a shallow bowl with room temperature spring water and after half an hour, it will start opening! Remember to change it every day for up to 7 days, then allow it to dehydrate completely (about 2 days), the botanical will close its branches and curl back into a ball. Then you can re-use it again and again.




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