Pine Pollen


This supreme super-herb is deeply beneficial for the endocrine system (messenger system comprising feedback loops of the hormones released by internal glands directly into the circulatory system) for both men and women. Pine Pollen is a safe and adaptogenic herb that may help restore healthy levels of testosterone. For those looking to take advantage of the Pine Pollen’s unique phyto-androgens the benefits are incredible. Pine Pollen contains over 200 bioactive nutrients beneficial for human health; these nutrients include 14 vitamins, 24 minerals, 20+ amino acids, 18 live enzymes, fatty acids and phytoandrogens. It supports lean muscle growth, boosts physical performance, libido, overall vitality, optimal hormone production and balance, boosts the immune system, recover quicker from intense exercise, promotes detoxification and healthy blood sugar levels, prostate health and detoxing excess estrogen. This batch of Pine Pollen was harvested on the Summer Solstice 2021.



1-2 droppers full per day. When starting any new supplement or workout program, the body is likely to experience dramatic results from the new stimulus. However, the body can adapt and the benefits can diminish over time. It is recommended to use Pine Pollen by finding a cycling program that works for you to avoid the adaptive response. The two most common cycles include: 5 days on 2 days off, or 3 weeks on 1 week off.

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