Concave Bagua Mirror


There are 8 Trigrams on the mirror (Yin & Yang lines) that are representative of every life area: Fame, Relationships/Love, Creativity/Children, Travel/Helpful People, Career/Life Path, Skills/Knowledge, Family, Wealth, which influence our Health. A concave mirror (the one that “caves in”) will neutralize or even eliminate the negative energy by sucking it in. This is a choice that is most often preferred because it does not create more negativity by bouncing it back and forth. It is also a choice that will need to be replaced more often, as it might lose its power, in time, if not taken care of properly. Mirror cures can be quite complex and it’s recommended to consult a practitioner to ensure the correct mirror is applied for the problematic concern.



When can a Bagua Mirror be helpful?

When your house is facing:

  • A T-junction
  • A very busy business or residence
  • A place with potentially challenging energy such as a cemetery
  • A piece of abandoned land
  • A house with aggressive design features pointing at your front door
  • A house with negative energy very close to your house (constant arguments, fights, violence, etc)
  • A construction site

Determining whether you need to use a Concave vs a Convex mirror can be challenging and it’s often recommended to consult a practitioner for the specific Feng Shui problem. Though, in general, Concave mirrors are for attracting/absorbing energy and Convex mirrors are for pushing/amplifying energy. It is always suggested to have Feng Shui cures be as visually discreet as possible so as to not draw more attention to its energetic purpose.

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